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Has CSBK outlived its usefulness ?

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  • Has CSBK outlived its usefulness ?

    5 CSBK event weekends spread over less than 3 months, with the Superbike champion crowned for the 13th time.
    Not to take anything away from Jordan Szoke, he's worked hard and won while the others haven't.
    BUT is it time to re-amalgamate with the regional series' and come up with a better format ?
    I don't have the answer - positive comments and criticisms please.

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    You were there on the weekend, right? You saw the final Pro Superbike race? Saturday's Pro Sportbike race? Lightweight Superbike? THAT is racing. The grids are recovering and aren't as anemic as they were just a couple of years ago.

    Outlived? No, reborn.


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      Originally posted by Zac

      Scott, I think the series really needs at least two Quebec dates, and at least one date west of Ontario, preferably two, but until there's more sponsorship money, I don't see how the racers could afford it. Look how many of the better riders aren't coming to all the rounds already! You've got Brett, maybe the fastest Superbike racer in Canada, not even on a bike. Find the money, and the series will be great guns again. But even now, it's better than it was two years ago.
      With St. Eustache closing at the end of next season, it's becoming difficult to see where ONE Quebec round would be held. The national series is recovering, but tracks in some areas are anything but. Any ideas?
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        Don't understand what the issue was about the Castrol track just outside of Edmonton, that resulted in only one race run there. Would make the "Canadian" in the series name a bit more realistic and trips to the west being much more reasonable if there were races in both Alberta and in BC.


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          Well I suppose they could make it a multi discipline championship. They could take their same bikes and go drag racing them out west Enduro racing in Quebec on bone stock 125's and MX racing on bone stock something's.


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            The lightweight bikes are really reviving racing in general. CSBK is no different. Hopefully that'll carry us into a new era, even if it's a 40hp era.