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Searching for earplugs/hearing protection

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  • Searching for earplugs/hearing protection

    Hey guys!

    I was recently diagnosed with tinnitus and hyperacusis(noise sensitivity) and would like to know your stand on wearing earplugs/hearing protection when riding a motorcycle.

    Do you think wearing them make a difference?

    What brands do you recommend?

    Custom or generic?

    I've been asking and looking around to know what "real motorcycle riders" can say about this.

    Thanks in advance and ride safely!

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    I hope people can read this because I really need help.

    I just watched this video

    It's from a custom earplugs company called Big Ear.

    Do you think this is a good buy?
    Big Ear supplies custom earplugs and provides on-site custom hearing protection services. Our success relies on our Providers and Perfect Fit Technology.