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Electric bikes: Everything you need to know

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  • Electric bikes: Everything you need to know

    Bikes have evolved to a great extent in this time and age of technology and environment conscious generation. We want not just the thrill of bike riding but the assurance that our adventure is not degrading the quality of the environment we are living in, which is why electric ATV's preference is on the rise at the moment, which is not just for adults but also available as kids electric ATV. Other environment-friendly bikes for toddlers and kids are gas ATV. This electricity powered ATV is the need of the hour with the natural resources depleting, climate frequently changing and global warming leading to the erratic behavior of our ecological system.

    But before you plan to invest in them, it is essential that you know everything that there is know about the Electric bikes:

    If the first image that came to your mind when thinking about the electric bike is a scooter, then you are not alone. Buy electric bikes are anything like that, physically and feature wise. It comprises of several electrical components such as motor, controller and battery. Making use of human strength through the pedal, electric bikes, unlike their chemical emitting counterparts, are easy to ride even by a kid.

    Why you should purchase an electric bike?
    • Because every contribution matters. You, your kids, your toddler riding a motorcycle will minimize the chemical emission, thereby reducing the pollutants content in the air, making the planet healthier. By limiting pollution per kilometer of your ride, you will be helping improve the quality of air, which is degrading with the use of motorcycle and cars.
    • This sustainable mode of transportation might soon become our present, as leading nations are investing in manufacturing an increasing number of electric bikes to cut down the pollution. It is safe to say that Electric bike might become the future of transportation, soon.
    • Aside from adversely impacting the environment, we all know how expensive petrol and diesel are. Riding electric bikes instead of motorcycles or cars can significantly cut down your expenses, thereby helping you save money in the long run. Furthermore, batteries of the electric bikes are cost-effective, and once sufficiently charged, an electric bike can go up to a distance of 15-20 miles.
    • With no throttle to worry about electric bikes makes for safe riding experience. Since there is no risk of going faster than usual, it's all your the gear, the electronic control and the motor working together to amplify what you are pedaling. This way electric bikes also help saves time that is otherwise wasted in bringing the motorcycle from a fast to normal speed, thereby cutting down the journey time.
    • Similar to riding a motorcycle excluding the danger of crashing, electric bikes also help in improving the physical and mental health of the rider. They make traveling so easy that an increasing number of people are switching towards commuting to the office with electric bikes.
    • If you thought an electric bike is only for smooth terrain, then you are highly mistaken. Electric bikes come in various forms such as road bikes, mountain bikes, tricycle, folding electric bikes, which means no matter the terrain, electric bikes will make your ide adventurous and safe.
    • With the batteries of the electric bike now becoming stronger and the option of pedaling to keep the bike going, they have eliminated the problem of lack of power in the riding landscape.

    Despite offering a plethora of advantages, the limited knowledge and negligence have given way to several misconceptions such as :

    They are slightly heavier than the traditional bike because of all the component, but it is no way different than riding a regular bike. You will not have to exert more power to push it through.

    Yes, they are. They help not just the fitness freaks but are also empowering to older citizens who can ride this assisted pedaling an electric bike and long commuters, who get physically and mentally exhausted with the energy they have to invest in riding a motorcycle.

    Electric bikes are expensive, but if you think about the long term impact on your budget, then you will realize that when compared with the motorcycles and automobiles, electric bikes will save more money since you no longer have to keep up with the fluctuating price of the petrol and diesel.

    What key aspects do you need to keep in mind when purchasing Electric bike?

    Considering there are so many types of electric bikes, you firstly need to make up your mind as to which one do you need?

    Only buy from trusted online motorcycle dealers that can assure your premium quality at the right price. Since it will be an investment of a lifetime, we would suggest thorough research of the dealer and the brands they are offering.

    No matter what the cost of an electric bike is, it is crucial the dealer provides you with a warranty of the same purchase.

    Check the battery specification and the performance it can give. Go for the one that offers consistent performances, are lighter and have no memory issues.

    Now that you have a comprehensive knowledge of what electric bikes are, why not give your kid an electric bike on their upcoming birthday?

  • #2, why not buy an ad ? This is a forum.


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      Couldn't be bothered to read it all, and what I did read smelled like a steaming load of crap.

      I do believe in climate change and the need to conserve/change our habits as well as technological advances in the direction of cleaner tech. But for me, that doesn't include buying some cheap chinese junk (nor expensive high quality Chinese stuff, for my own political reasons), electric or not.

      As TK said - buy an ad and/or engage CMG staff to write the content for you. Maybe I could get through it if it was better crafted.


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        Every electric bike I have read about will not meet my requirements for range and I don't plan on asking someone at the nearest business or residence if I can plug in when the battery is depleted. For now they appear to be as useless or more so than many electric cars. Once electric vehicle owners/drivers start paying their fair share of the road taxes these vehicles are not going to be any where near as economical as you want us to believe. They may have a place in the future but not yet and not any time soon.