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HondaCBR125R service and upkeep

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  • HondaCBR125R service and upkeep

    Hi guys need a little advice (again)

    So I’m looking to get my HondaCBR125 serviced. I’ve never done it before, and it has not been serviced for a very long time! How much roughly does this cost? Or is it depending on how the bike is?

    Also what stuff is easy enough done at home? Newbie biker, but I need to learn all this stuff. Will be downloading a manual for her too!

    Any advice is much appreciated

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    What year/mileage ?
    These bikes are stone axe simple and darn near indestructible, but a lot depends on condition.
    Pretty much anything you need to do can be done at home.


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      The only potentially tricky thing for a noobie is the valve adjustment, and you might as well learn to do it yourself now as any other time.

      All the other stuff is easy to do yourself.