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  • question for the Moto Journalist on the board

    Hello . Looking for opinions on which you would pay for if it was your money
    ZX 14 or Hayabusa
    Reasons why plusses and minuses of each etc
    owners knowledge gratefully accepted
    thank you
    Johnnie phatt

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    For me, it's the Busa, mostly because I've spent more time on them. They're both big, fast, steady road burners, but the ZX-14 seems to me to be more stretched out, not as nice for a little guy like me.


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      Originally posted by Zac
      Buying new? I'd go KTM if I could afford it ...
      Do you think the KTM's are as reliable or maintenance free as any of the Japanese bikes would be? Have a friend who is all hot for one of their big adventure bikes. The lack of dealers, and unknown reliability scare me away from them, especially for an adventure bike where you might be hours away from any kind of dealer, let alone KTM.

      Sorry to johnnie for not staying on topic.


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        Forum member KLM (think that was his handle) should chime in. Probably a biased opinion but I think he has had a Busa for a long time and could probably give you all the skinny on long term ownership and pro's and cons of the model.


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          Oops. It's KML Got him mixed up with the airline.


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            one you would ride the other maybe not lol


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              Originally posted by 2tall View Post
              Sorry to johnnie for not staying on topic.
              Not a problem Always value you input and advice. staying Japanese for price and number of dealers. Although the latter is dwindling