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A NEW harley - love it

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  • A NEW harley - love it

    Just read the post over on the stories side of things here about the new Harley Pan America 1250. Wow, I like the look of that. Perhaps it will replace my Ulysses.

    That's a cool new direction for Harley, even if they are late to the ADV/Tour style game.

    I love my RoadGlide, but that new one looks interesting. What do you think ?
    Nobody saw this coming. The Motor Company is making an unexpected turn towards the world of adventure riding.

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    There are a couple fo other new models mentioned in the Harley release - a StreetFighter and a Custom , but the Pan America shines brightest :-)


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      The Custom -
      The Streetfighter


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        I'm with ya 100%! I read that story and literally threw my arms straight up in the air! lol Really nice to see HD pushing themselves finally. I was waiting for years for them to do something touring oriented with the VRod motor and it never happened sadly. But now......


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          The comment on the V-Rod engine is interesting. Although the riding position on the V-Rod I tried was not suitable for me, the engine and transmission were great. Power and torque were great and the transmission changed shifted with a click rather than the crash and clunk found on most of the other machines Harley produces. I thought the V-Rod engine and transmission were exactly what Harley needed in all their bikes. The Pan America styling may take some getting used to. If the engine and gear box share more characteristics with the V-Rod than the engines of the past it may be a great machine. Hopefully this model will have a better future than Buell's past.


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            Harley has no credibility in the adventure market segment and will face an uphill battle. I think it will sell well to former Ulysses guys, all 12 of them and perhaps Aztec owners.

            I'm much more excited by the new street fighter- if this will be able to go toe to toe with the likes of Monsters, Speed Triples and the like I think it'll be a big bridge to allow a lot of people to migrate over to the MoCo. Very exciting times for HD; they're showing their depth and raising to Indians challenge.

            Anybody know if their stock went up?



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              I agree with you partially. Harley doesn't have a adventure background, but they have the best dealer network in North America and the have a huge customer base to draw from already, even if they just want to give it a try. Yes, they'll face an uphill battle against the BMW crowed, but I would rather buy the Harley and know I can find dealer service, than a BMW, Ducati etc and be stuck with mediocre dealership service and coverage.

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            I like the new models, even the electric one, but I think they will face the same issue in all segments - their credibility in that genre of riding whether its the street fighter or the adventure style. They'll really need to market their expansive dealer network as value added support for ADV riders - and of course, the dealers will need to fully accept these new riders and machines


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              Of course the elephant in the room is (the ghosts of) Buell. Harley spent hundreds of millions to shut down Buell and they will spend even more to try to get back into what was started back then! Hmmm...