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Stupid D. Ford suck up

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  • Stupid D. Ford suck up

    As a proponent of freedom of choice I am pissed that Sihks get special exemption from helmet laws and I do not . Yet another reason to dispise politicians . Lieing scum that they are .

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    As a Pastaferian I will be wearing a colander on my head and going supreme court charter challenge.



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      The law should apply to all or none. A Charter of Rights challenge might help, but our premier is not above using the "Not Withstanding" clause to get his way. Considering your, and my for that matter, appearance visually to be part of the white male majority any legal challenge of discrimination will be a no go for politically correct or socially correct reasons which are probably not correct at all. A few fatalities of non helmet wearing riders may change that or simply result in the total ban of motorcycles.


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        Wait.... Sure you can ride your bike without a helmet... But will you get insurance?


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          Originally posted by thesling View Post
          Wait.... Sure you can ride your bike without a helmet... But will you get insurance?
          Can an insurance company deny or charge higher rates based on religion?
          or will "do you wear an helmet" be a standard new question when getting a quote


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            But hey,its all Fords fault


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              Insurance companies are not required to insure m/c if they don't want to
              they also can not discriminate rate wise on religious grounds
              But they can I suspect charge an additional premium for not wearing a helmet based on statistics .Which is always how they justify their prices
              And yes Premier Ford pushed it through so yes it is Ford's Great Idea/Fault depending on your point of view


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                I suspect insurance companies may not be able to deny or raise rates based on religion. Since Ontario government has stated the wearing of a helmet is no longer required based on religious beliefs it is probably not possible for the insurance companies to ask if the rider will be wearing a helmet. That would surely result in a discrimination complaint direct to the Human rights branch of government. Insurance companies are not allowed to used how long you have or haven't had continuous insurance coverage when deciding what rate group a rider or driver should be placed in and still do. It is wait and see for now.


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                  I'm 100% with you, Johnnie.

                  It's not that I really care if Sikhs, or anyone else, rides around without a helmet. Well, OK, actually I despise helmet laws in principle, but in practice under a helmet law there are a lot of people wearing helmets who wouldn't be otherwise, which I think is a good thing.

                  Anyway, right - one law for everybody, or nobody. So is the government now in the position of deciding who is a legitimate Sikh or not? Will the police be profiling - if you are brown and have a bush beard and mustache, along with a turban, you're Sikh. If you don't, you're not? If you get stopped for wearing a turban rather than a helmet, will you have to prove your Sikh "bonafides" to the police?

                  This is stupid. People choose to follow a religion and its requirements or not. They should find a way to accommodate the law that applies to everyone, not the other way around. Could they not change into a helmet out of public sight? AFAIK the religious "requirement" is to keep your hair covered, it doesn't have to be with a turban.

                  No big deal in the big scheme of things, but still annoying and a bad precedent to set, as far as I'm concerned. Special rights and treatment for special classes. Fuck off.