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  • first timer advice

    What’s up? Super N00b here.
    Looking to get my motorcycle licence.
    Can anyone share a unique experience they had at a rider training facility and why they would recommend it?


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    What;s your location?


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      In Ontario many of the community colleges offer motorcycle training using the Canada Safety Council curriculum, Gearing UP. I had occasion to participate in the entry level M1 course after decades of being a licensed rider and enjoyed the course, and learned a few things as well.

      I'd recommend the course, and its an opportunity to try it with out actually purchasing a bike.



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        Complete my M2 this year with Rider Training Institute:
        Great 2 day hands on course plus test. Also lets you try all sorts of different bikes.


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          It has been a long time since I took a motorcycle training course. Even longer since I started riding. As an experienced rider taking the beginners course, I had a blast. It was a chance to try things I had only read about and further develop mr riding skills. Although some of the things we were taught have been removed from the course it is stilll worth doing. The small bikes used on the course make it easier to concentrate on the lessons. The advanced course requires you supply the bike. In most cases that will be the machine you normally ride on the street. It should more comfortable during training since you are on a familiar machine as well as more confidant when you are back on the street.


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            Absolutely take the course. no question. you will learn a great deal and save yourself a lot of grief.
            YOU will not be a great rider when you are done but you will be a Prepared to learn more rider.
            Every instructor at the course can tell you at least two "interesting events" that happened at a court. They are not for the retelling here . But suffice to say no one died at any of the many courses I taught.