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Need advise - Pirelli GT's vs Rosso 2 or Rosso 3

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  • Need advise - Pirelli GT's vs Rosso 2 or Rosso 3

    Good day,

    I am new to this forum and am looking to this group for your expert advise. I ride and R1 and am looking to replace the tires on it. I'm looking at either the Pirelli GT's or the Rosso 2 or Rosso3's.
    I don't do track, speed when needed and ride only on weekends and the occasional long rides with the boyz.
    Can someone please provide me with some insights on which tire would be best suited for my R1?

    Thank you in advance.

    Adrian W.

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    GT is a sport touring tire, likely not your first choice for an R-1.
    Between the Rosso 2 and 3, I suspect the 2 is a better wet weather tire and may last a little longer.
    The 3 will provide better dry traction at the expense of wet use and longevity.
    Your call....